New York Original


New York-style cheesecake is America's most popular version, and this one has a plus: it is made following Grandma’s recipe! 

You could define Cheesecake as a dessert made of cream cheese filling laying on a biscuit crust. It may be topped with fruit sauce.


My definition for my Grandma’s Cheesecake would be: it is creamy, smooth, rich, dense, and absolutely delicious. 



 This fresh fruity cheesecake will be the success of your summer parties…. or it can also warm up the cold Swiss winter days with its tropical flavour! Once again, the filling made of soft cheese on a biscuit crust flavoured with the fruity topping. Please take into account the choice of the fruit depends on the season.



Being in Switzerland was it almost impossible to skip it! The usual cheesecake you love (filling made of cream cheese, on a biscuit crust) plus the exquisite flavour of one of the finest Swiss chocolates. 

red velvet7bis.jpg

Red Velvet


If you are a fan of Red Velvet and Cheesecakes, you will die for it! If you don’t know it, let me introduce you the “American Beauty”. It’s a red smooth cake with a silky creamy cheesecake in between the layers topped with a cream cheese frosting. Divine!!

White Chocolate Swirl 


Here is another option of your favourite cake. Fine desert with a filling made of cream cheese enriched with the sublime combination of strawberries and white chocolate, on the usual biscuit crust.

Brownie Bottom


What I love about this cake is that merges/combines two of my favourite desserts: a fudgy brownie bed and the soft cream cheese on the top. Out of this world!

CH tiramisu.JPG



Almost half of the immigrants who arrived to Argentina in early 1900 came from Italy. In one of those boats was my great great father.  So in order to honour my roots, I decided to include “the” Italian dessert by definition: Tiramisu. Filling made of a subtle combination of soft cheese and mascarpone plus coffee soaked savoiardi laying on a biscuit crust. Topped with chocolate powder. Another version of this classic, special made for Cheesecake lovers. 

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